“Can we effectively recycle
RUBBERised AsPhalt?”


RUBBERAP is an international cooperation project between the University of Palermo, the Gustave Eiffel University and EcoPneus scpa, Italian non-profit company for the tracking, collection, processing, and final destination of end-of-life tyres.

The project aims to provide scientific evidence regarding the feasibility of effectively use Rubberised Reclaimed Asphalt (Rub-RAP) at laboratory scale and beyond.


Investigating the multi-recyclability of several rubberised asphalt technologies

Engineering Rub-RAP asphalt mixtures with acceptable performance

Assessing the environmental risk of the fumes at laboratory scale


Is it possible to recycle rubberised asphalt mixes?

To achieve that, a multidisciplinary experimental programme involving the engineering characterisation of reclaimed rubberised asphalt will be performed, furthermore the mechanical performance and the quality of the fumes produced during the mixing will be determined. The laboratory campaign will be carried out by comparing benchmark mixes as control with Rub-RAP mixes produced with at least two aging cycles.

The novelties offered by this study

Investigating wet, dry and hybrid asphalt rubber technologies.

Producing mixes with high content of Rub-RAP (50%)

Analysing the Rub-RAP mixes in terms of fumes quality and performance-related tests

The project is developed in collaboration with EcoPneus and the Gustave Eiffel University and based at the engineering department of the University of Palermo. Other partners may be involved during the 24 months, with aim of providing qualitative support and/or further features to enrich the project proposal.

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