FHWA Sustainable Pavement System: A Webinar Series

Working in collaboration with the Sustainable Pavement technical Working group of FHWA, the coordination of the PAVEMENT LCM project would like to invite members of the European National Road Authorities in advancing their sustainability knowledge by joining the FHWA Sustainable Pavements Webinar Series. All webinars are free and availability, for the moment, is of 200 spots! Hence join asap following this link:

Want to learn more about pavement sustainability? FHWA is starting a pavement sustainability webinar series covering sustainability considerations throughout the pavement life cycle.

The program comes with a monthly newsletters that will be featuring accomplishments and activities of the program, including details of outreach efforts and resources, updates on new products and tools, and information on upcoming meetings and events. Details on these events will be sent to you preceding each event.

1 – Pavement Sustainability Basics – 10/17/19
2 – Sustainable Pavement Materials – 11/21/19
3 – Sustainable Design Approaches – 12/19/19
4 – Sustainable Pavement Construction – 1/30/20
7 – LCCA Part I: Fundamentals – 4/16/20
8 – LCCA Part II: Applications – 5/21/20
9 – LCA Part I: Fundamentals – 6/18/20
10 – LCA Part II: EPDs and PCRs – 7/23/20
6 – EOL Considerations – 3/19/20
5 – Maintenance and Preservation – 2/13/20

All webinars are free and delivered at 

8.30 – 9.30 PM CET

Download event flyer here.

FHWA Sustainable Pavement System: A Webinar Series