Life Cycle Management of green asphalt mixtures and road pavement

CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme

CEDR Call 2017: New Materials

PavementLCM is a 2 year international project aiming at supporting European National Road Authorities to introduce sustainability at the core of their practices by providing training on Life Cycle Management techniques and a user-friendly package to support their widespread implementation.

OUR objectives

Tailor guidelines towards the introduction of Life Cycle Management (LCM) in National Road Authorities with a focus on Sustainability Assessment

To act as a platform for interactive transfer of knowledge on best practices on sustainability assessment and Life Cycle Management

To produce the PAVEMENT LCM package of tools, guidelines, datasets, roadmaps and recommendations to introduce life cycle management practices into National Road Authorities.


Create a general LCM framework

To create a general LCM framework with templates and case studies to carry out harmonised sustainability assessments of both asphalt mixtures and road pavements and to transfer the knowledge with a training tailored to NRAs


PavementLCM lookup tool

To create the PavementLCM lookup tool as a user-friendly tool to help members of NRAs to find out most appropriate datasets, methodologies and results of previous LCM studies for a specific situation


Produce data-sets

To produce datasets of sustainability data and durability data of identified Green Asphalts for selected case studies, based on existing sustainability datasets and novel durability testing

WP3 / WP4

Provide methodology

To provide NRAs with a methodology and recommendations for coping with uncertainty of datasets of LCM exercises, both inputs and results, as well as roadmaps towards data harmonization at EU level

WP2 / WP3 / WP4 / WP5

Produce guidelines

To produce guidelines and recommendations towards using LCM results within a multi-criteria sustainability assessment according to CWA 17089 and EN15804



PavementLCM it will provide NRAs with a glimpse of LCM methodological challenges and NRAs’ best practices leading towards a circular economy


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